The Wonder Woman Chronicles Episode 1: Becoming Wonder Woman


     I bet you’re asking yourself who is this woman that thinks she’s special enough to call herself Wonder Woman? So I’ll tell you, she’s nobody special. At least no more special than you are. I’m a woman that believes that we not only all deserve to call ourselves Wonder Woman, we are all Wonder Woman in our own unique way. The only thing standing in our way, is the fact that not all of us have discovered that’s who we really are. I’ve spent most of my life going from Dorthy in OZ…or in my case more like Kansas, I can’t say I have ever made it anywhere quite as exotic as OZ. Kansas Dorothy never even wanted OZ, what she really wanted to be was Cinderella, that is after all the most coveted of the “happily ever after” tales. Unfortunately for Dorthy Prince Charming was never going to make his way to Kansas….so she settled for the frog. Only to wake up one day and find out somehow she’d slipped off into a dream where she woke up as Alice adventuring through Wonderland. Seeing things that she never thought she would see, things she never wanted to see, and wandering about with no real direction. Ultimately though during her time as Alice she learned that if you see things as you think they should be you’ll always be disappointed, but if you see them as they really are, with no judgments or expectations you’ll always see the beauty. This is what has finally allowed me to see my true self…Wonder Woman.

     For you to know why Wonder Woman, I guess you’ll have to understand my concept of Wonder Woman. For me it’s not really about the sexy Goddess with the magic bracelets, and the lasso of truth who goes to work every day a normal woman and spends her spare time fighting bad guys in a cape. Wonder Woman for me is more like a combination of the sexy single mom, who goes to work a little crazy every day, the woman who’s afraid to show her emotions for fear that she’ll look weak, the spiritually depleted woman who can’t find time for God, or the insecure woman who tries to find her beauty in what others think of her. Wonder Woman to me is all of these women, when they wake up. Yes they do wake up, we all do. On the day we ask the dreaded question “does it really have to be this hard”? That’s the day the process begins. The reason that’s such a dreaded question is that we all know that as soon as we ask it, the answer is a coin toss between “no it doesn’t” and “Yes, and it’s going to get harder”.  The thing about harder is, that’s where all of the learning takes place. Either way at the end of the journey, when we wake up, everything changes.

     For me lately change comes so fast that my life looks different almost every day. Most days I’ve learned to just flow with it and try not to get caught up in the waves, but there some days when the old familiar anxiety/stress response tries to sneak up on me and knock me off balance. Thus far I have managed to land right back up on my feet every time. I’m doing things lately that I never thought that I could do, and most days making it look easy. One of the hardest to deal with changes is my emotions, I’ve never been big on expressing myself, but lately I find it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s appropriate for the situation the emotion is being expressed. The funny part is that as I should be feeling like I’m wandering around lost, I’m actually feeling more stable than I’ve ever felt. I feel like I could conquer the world…if I only had the leotard. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that for me becoming Wonder Woman has been an awakening to my true self. Awakening to the reality that reality truly is whatever you make it. Awakening to the fact that we are all Wonder Woman and none of us really need the bracelets because everything we need is already inside us.

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